Marble Surface


"This is a hidden gem! Great work on my eyebrows, very kind and patient customer service and fair prices! Sunju is an artist!"

Jenny F.

"... I'm so glad I did it. I have super light and thin eyebrows so I had to pencil them in every single day. Now I don't have to do ANYTHING. they look so natural and real no one even knows I got them done. The first appointment was painless. I didn't feel a thing but for the touch up I did feel a little discomfort. The healing process was kind of annoying but TOTALLY worth it!!!! I highly recommend k-beauty. Being able to wake up everyday and not having to worry about putting on makeup is worth every penny." 

Amy L.

"I had permanent eyeliner done here and the process took just about an hour. Sunju was professional, patient, and attentive the entire time.  After one week I was completely healed with no complications. I am very pleased with the experience and my results!"  

Angela H.

"I highly recommend K-Beauty. Sunju did a great job. The process was painless, quick and my eyebrows came out wonderfully. I'm so pleased with how natural my eyebrows look-shape and color. I'll definitely be going back." 

Hanna Y.

"I was very happy with my eyebrows. Sunju did a great job on my eyebrows. She was very friendly and professional. I will be going back!" 

M. Cole

"My experience has been nothing but wonderful with Sunju. It's easy to get an appointment and her work is truly wonderful. I highly recommend!" 

Rebbeca A.

"Sunju is wonderful.! Highly recommend her. Got an appointment quickly and she is a true artist!" 

Cherie B.