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I went to Awesome K for my eyebrows, and she did an absolutely incredible job with them!! She listened to my exact requests and needs, and delivered the shape and shade that I wanted. She is also super sweet and educational! 10/10 would recommend :)

Joy H.

This place is amazing. First, the price is very reasonable comparing to other over- priced places. The shop is very clean and neat. She is very kind and caring person. This place does run by an appointment, so you don't have to worry about running into other customer. I don't mind going back for the future service. Unfortunately, I got the permanent eyebrow tattoo, so I won't get to see her anytime soon. 😊

Young K.

My mother-in-law and I love our new microbladed eyebrows and permanent eyeliner! Sunju is a professional artist - she was able to accommodate both of our preferences and made our experience as comfortable as possible. Highly recommend!

Victoria M.

Very nice & great service!

Alvin K.

She's the best!!!

Angela E.

Sunju you’re amazing!!! I’m so satisfied with services. Don’t hurt!!!! Great job!!! Love my brows!!!

Brittany H.

She did an awesome job!!!

Greer D.

Sooo impressed with Sunju, she is the Microblading artist and ower. Not only is she a fantastic artist she is polite, kind, and most of all a ture professional. Her work space is clean, bright and comfortable. She did a fantastic job with my eyebrows they look beautiful I highly recommend her.

Volante' G.

I have received many compliments and many inquiries from other women wanting to know where I had my Brows done. The Kbeautymicroblading Technician fixed a botched job that I had done using a G-pon Now the color is perfect and my Micro bladed Bows have the details and depth of natural brows.

Michelle K.

I had a great experience here. Sunju did an amazing job on my eyebrows, a true artist. My eyebrows were a mess and now they look amazing. They really improve my appearance. I’m so glad I had this done!

Karen M.

Sunju is truly an artist. The eyebrow shape she designed is so flattering. I absolutely love how my eyebrows turned out and would recommend Sunju to all my friends and anyone considering microblading!

Nina A.

Sunju’s work is amazing! The studio is very, very clean and sanitary. I had Microblading done on my eyebrows and permanent eyeliner put on my top and bottom lids. I had little eyebrows to begin with and a terrible shape. My eyebrows are absolutely amazing! It’s unbelievable that I can get up and leave the house without make up! I am 63! I trust her to do whatever she recommends. Just be sure to ice you brows and eyes when you get home. I did have significant bruising and swelling after my initial visit, but I did not ice when I got home. For my follow up visit, I put ice on my eyes as soon as I got home and I had no bruising or swelling.

Michele A.

Sunju is an artist! Excellent service and quality for the price. I called in after moving into the area for a correction and she did so well.her area is clean and great customer service. 10/10 would recommend. If you’re in the Howard county area and want to try microbladed brows or need correction come and see her.

Alyanna E.

My mother did microblading to her eyebrows and eyeliner tattoo. It turned out beautifully. Highly recommended!

Robin K.

So good! It was my first time so I was a bit nervous but she was so sweet and efficient! Definitely recommend!!!

Esther Y.

WOW! I was very hesitant about eyebrow microblading until a friend of mine had hers done by K-Beauty with amazing results. I had my eyebrows and upper/lower lids done, and I am amazed by the results. I should have gotten this done years ago!! There was no pain with the eyebrow work and slight sensitivity with the upper and lower lids. I highly recommend Awesome K-Microblading!

Denise U.

I was a bit afraid to get my brows and eyelids done, but I would now do it again in a New York minute! This procedure took two sessions (the second was a follow-up touch-up). Each time there was very little discomfort, as an anesthetic was applied before any work was done. My final result looks very natural. This has greatly simplified my make-up routine, as I don't have to use any eyeliner or brow pencil now.

Joan U.

Sunju at Awesome K-Microblading used her artist skills to shape my eyebrows and did a great touch up for the wings of my eyeliner. She can do lips, the hair line and scar rejuvenation as well! I'm very happy with my eyebrows and eyeliner! Thank you!

Briana S.

I got treatment a year ago from this place. I was really happy and I got lots of compliments. I’m about get done again. Every one is gonna be happy here ~~^^

Helen L.

I received her treatment a year ago. It was a very satisfying experience.


Sunju is an artist! Literally. The eyebrow microblading and eyeliner she did for me was transformative. The shape and color truly fits my face and looks very natural. Everyone says I look great!

Anne S.

Sunju is very flexible, patient, reasonably priced, and detail oriented. She's easy to get a hold of via phone and email. If she does have to get to her phone, she sanitizes her hands afterwards before going back to you. Her place is very clean and well kept. During our session she had piano music going to help me relax. She takes a variety of payments including card. I will post pictures of my fresh brows, brows peeling, brows pre touchup, after a touchup, and a week after touchup.

Diane H.

"This is a hidden gem! Great work on my eyebrows, very kind and patient customer service and fair prices! Sunju is an artist!"

Jenny F.

"... I'm so glad I did it. I have super light and thin eyebrows so I had to pencil them in every single day. Now I don't have to do ANYTHING. they look so natural and real no one even knows I got them done. The first appointment was painless. I didn't feel a thing but for the touch up I did feel a little discomfort. The healing process was kind of annoying but TOTALLY worth it!!!! I highly recommend Awesome K-Microblading. Being able to wake up everyday and not having to worry about putting on makeup is worth every penny." 

Amy L.

"I had permanent eyeliner done here and the process took just about an hour. Sunju was professional, patient, and attentive the entire time.  After one week I was completely healed with no complications. I am very pleased with the experience and my results!"  

Angela H.

"I highly recommend Awesome K-Microblading. Sunju did a great job. The process was painless, quick and my eyebrows came out wonderfully. I'm so pleased with how natural my eyebrows look-shape and color. I'll definitely be going back." 

Hanna Y.

"I was very happy with my eyebrows. Sunju did a great job on my eyebrows. She was very friendly and professional. I will be going back!" 

M. Cole

"My experience has been nothing but wonderful with Sunju. It's easy to get an appointment and her work is truly wonderful. I highly recommend!" 

Rebbeca A.

"Sunju is wonderful.! Highly recommend her. Got an appointment quickly and she is a true artist!" 

Cherie B.

"Sunju is amazing! Her services and work exceeded my expectations. I look great after what I had done. I cannot say enough good things. Very, very pleased!"

Sarah K


"Love my new eyebrows and Sunju is the best!!!"



"I had a great experience here and I am so thrilled to have these beautiful brows.  She did a fantastic job and made me feel more confident."



"I felt very comfortable and Sunji was obviously very skilled and efficient."  



"The best  in the business!! I will return again and again!"

R. Windsor


"Very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend to others."



"Wonderful service. Excellent work."



"Thank you for your time and services. My eyebrows look great!"

Kim B

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